Our experts deliver training to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, physical health, social health and wellbeing.

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About our training

Minderful training is delivered by our experts to your employees online and in person. Explore our most popular offers below. 

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Resilience Training

Help employees adapt, cope, and respond positively to stressors in the workplace

Developing your employees' resilience so they can adapt, transform and thrive during periods of high pressure, change and uncertainty, whilst maintaining good mental, physical and social health.

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Personal Wellbeing Training

Help employees build the skills and tools to create personalised wellness plans

Introducing mental fitness activities that reduce stress and burnout, increase energy, confidence and social connection. We support your employees to create personalised wellness plans.

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Awareness Training

Help employees develop purpose, hope and compassion for mental health

Raising your employees' awareness and understanding of mental health, prevention and self-management, by empowering them to make a positive impact on their own and their colleagues' wellbeing.

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Diversity & Inclusion Training

Help employees understand and support each other

Exploring the different perspectives on wellbeing and its impact on people at work, we introduce the bio-psycho-social model and its diverse approach. We encourage your employees to think differently about themselves. 

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Why Minderful Training

Thirve At Work Review, 2017

With only 24% of managers having training on mental health, many lack the skills needed to support people.

Metlife, 2015

31% of UK employees said they'd consider leaving their job if stress levels in their organisation did not improve.

Health & Safety Executive, 2021

In 2020/21 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 50% of all work-related illness.

Empower your team to support each other.

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