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Do more for your employees' minds

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Minderful is a whole-system wellness response for workplaces. We transform the health of workplace cultures and employees through a proactive approach to wellness that champions the individual and their communities.

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A business is only as healthy as its people

Poor mental health has a huge impact on employers’ costs in the form of absenteeism, presenteeism, and labour turnover. These costs are set to continue to grow unless there’s a change in the way that organisations approach wellbeing.



Our approach is simple...

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We help your people discover inspiring activities to support their personal wellness journeys

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We help your people create mental fitness routines to build wellness into their lifestyle 

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We help your organisation to foster a new healthier wellness culture and measure its impact

Wellbeing looks different for everyone

Just as different forms of physical exercise appeal to different individuals, there are countless ways people can look after their minds - from baking bread to outdoor adventures.

Minderful's broad offering enables people to discover wellness activities that work uniquely for them. 




Proactive wellness support yields a much higher ROI than reactive support

Minderful provides a wellness offering which is proactive at its core, encouraging and facilitating people to discover how best to improve and maintain their personal wellness through healthy activities and practices. 


Connecting individuals with the physical world

The impact of increased screen time is adversely affecting our minds and limiting our true connection with nature and others. Minderful's approach gets people to disconnect from the digital and rediscover that deep-rooted joy that comes from engaging in the physical world. 

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Introducing our workplace wellness programme



Minderful Talks

A programme of educational and insightful talks delivered by our CEO, Dr Nick Prior, and our in-house experts.


Minderful Mail

A series of email courses focused on proactive mental wellness delivered internally to your employees or members.


Minderful App

Free access for all your employees to the premium tier of our app subscription.


Nick's mental wellbeing routine:

Hot baths, self-massage, breathwork, outdoor swimming

Meet Dr. Nick Prior

Nick is a co-founder of Minderful and an NHS doctor specialising in mental health.

However, it's his lived experience (bipolar) and family’s (suicide, depression, bipolar) struggle with mental illness that gives him a unique insight into what makes good and poor mental health.

In his early twenties, these personal experiences drove Nick towards medicine and ultimately psychiatry. Since then he's done everything he can to understand mental health to put himself in a position to support other people.

No matter how big or small, Nick believes we can all do more to proactively improve our mental wellbeing.


The Minderful App

Combining motivating content and supportive psychological tools, our app coaches people into confidence and supports them in discovering a routine which nourishes their mind.

Our mental fitness journeys dive into hundreds of different activities and their benefits. Inspiring voices guide a user through each one, from scientific experts to everyday enthusiasts.

Each step of a journey helps bring a user closer to doing an activity in the physical world and earning a Minderful badge.


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