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We work with you to design bespoke wellness packages for you and your team.

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What we offer

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Empower your team to support each other

Our experts deliver training to increase awareness and understanding around mental health, physical health, social health and wellbeing

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Motivate your employees to do more for their minds

Our collaborators provide experiences that inspire your employees to try different ideas, practices and exercises good for the mind.

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Let our content do the hardwork

We create award-winning mental health content to support you with your mental health and wellbeing strategy.

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Reimagine your mental health strategy

Our community of medical, lived experience and business experts can help you with your mental health & wellbeing strategy. 

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What our supporters say about us

"It was inspiring to hear Nick talk about how he has coped with a long-term bipolar diagnosis and how he is using his knowledge and experience to help others."

“Minderful is an excellent resource for mental fitness...introducing a range of activities so wide-ranging that you're bound to come across an idea you've never thought of trying before.”

“We had over 200 people attend your talk and I had some amazing feedback from colleagues across the company. Many have expressed that your talk has helped them be more open about their mental health challenges.”

Why workplaces need Minderful 

Deloitte, 2022

Poor mental health costs UK Employers between £53-56 billion a year.

MHFA, 2022

61% of UK employees have experienced a mental health issue due to or related to work.

McDaid Research Paper, 2022

On average for every £1 invested in mental health in the workplace £5 is saved.

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