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Use our array of audio content including Ideas, Stories, Expert Talks & Interviews to help motivate and inspire your workforce to do more for their minds. We can also collaborate with you to create new content for your business.

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We have created over 100 beautifully narrated ideas for your mental health and wellbeing.

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We have ideas ranging from Wild Swimming, Bread Baking, Ecstatic Dance, Historical Re-enactment, Caving, Kulning - and many more.  

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Sharing stories is good for our mental health, which is why we have collected 100s about how people look after their minds.

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We have stories ranging from William on Discovering a State of Flow and David on Carpentry to Kate on Sound Immersion - and many more.  

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We have curated a library of over 50 expert monologues to promote the positive mental health benefits of diverse real world activities. 

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We have monologues from Dr. Jonathan Iliff on Wild Swimming, Dr Robin Judson on Foraging, Dr Marny Lishman on Jigsaws, Dr Lulue Little on Breathwork - and many more.  

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We have produced over 25 inspiring interviews exploring the different activities people do to look after their minds.  

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We have interviews with Caroline Gaskin on Birdwatching, Ben Youngs on Team Sports, Rob Willis on Public Speaking, George Bullard on Outdoor Adventures  - and many more. 

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Why Minderful Content

Deloitte, 2022

Interventions by employers provide a better return when directed at larger numbers of employees.

Public Health England, 2019

Businesses that promote a progressive approach to mental health can see a significant impact on business performance.

MHFA, 2018

30% of managers report having no workplace resources, facilities or services that could help mental health and wellbeing.

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