Our community of medical, lived experience and business experts can help you with your mental health & wellbeing strategy.

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About our consultancy

All our consultants are supervised by Dr Nick Prior and come with a wealth of professional and lived experience in business, healthcare, mental health, coaching and teaching. Book a consultation with us to explore your needs and discuss how we could support your mental health strategy. 

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Assessment & Planning

Create a workplace with high levels of mental wellbeing and be more productive

More employers realise that supporting mental health is good for both the employees and the business. Assessing where you are and planning how to create change is a great place to start.

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Awareness & Stigma

Make mental health and wellbeing a core asset of your organisation

Delivering internal and external campaigns allows for greater sharing of information and empowers employees to bring their whole selves to work, creating a more effective workplace.

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Psychological Safety

Support the development of compassionate and trusting relationships

Psychological safety is the foundation of a mentally healthy business. It takes real commitment and patience to embed it into your working culture.

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Minderful Approach

Value the diversity and transferable skills that lived experience brings

We combine our creativity, credibility, and lived experience to bring the bio-psycho-social model to the workplace in a fresh and exciting way. 

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Why Minderful Consultancy

CCLA, 2022

Only 1/3 companies have formal objectives and targets for mental at work, highlighting that many have not yet put their commitments into action.

CIPD, 2021

Very few organisations promote social relationships and do not value the social element of the BPS (bio-psycho-social) model.

MHFA, 2022

In 2022, only 27% of people were receiving a workplace wellbeing check-in on a monthly basis.

Reimagine your mental health strategy.

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